Claude de Guise is a Frenchman and one of Mary Stuart's maternal uncles. He arrived at court to set up an engagement between Mary and Tomás and negotiate with Henry II to end his niece's engagement to Francis. He made his first appearance in Kissed and last in Hearts and Minds.

He is portrayed by Shawn Doyle.

He is part of the House of Guise.

Season OneEdit

In Kissed, He arrived at court on the behalf of his sister to let his niece know what was happening in Scotland. Also to push her to wed Francis soon so that they can have the help of the French to fight the English in Scotland.

In Hearts and Minds, While at the archery range he discussed with Mary her options between the two men and countries. Pleading that she make a choice fast to save Scotland.


He is a logical man pushing Mary to make the logical decision for Scotland's future. He is also caring of sorts since he cares for and feels alligience to a country other than his own.

Physical AppearaceEdit

Claude is a man in his early to mid thirties. He has wavy brow hair and blue eyes. He has pale skin. He dresses as most noblemen do in detailed and expensive clothing. He also always wore a cloak over his coat.




  • Historically, Claude de Guise was married to Louise de Brézé, daughter of Diane de Poitiers, and had eleven children. He was also made Duke of Aumale in 1550.

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