You want us to be together? We'll be together when we're all dead.
Clarissa to Catherine in Royal Blood

Clarissa was a strange and almost feral young woman who hides in the shadows. Clarissa’s past was a tantalizing puzzle that will reach out to change the lives around her in ways no one suspects. Clarissa is also an antagonist. During Season One, it was revealed that Clarissa is the daughter and firstborn of Catherine de' Medici Which making her a child of adultery but by royal blood bound by royal blood and because Queen Catherine is her mother she is an illegitimate princess. Clarissa was thought killed by Mary Stuart in order to save Charles' life but was later revealed to be still alive. She had not been seen since Royal Blood but made her return in Reversal of Fortune. She was reunited with Bash but shortly met her end by him in order to save Francis' life.

She was portrayed by Canadian actress, Katie Boland.

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This article is about the Reign character Catherine de' Medici you may be looking for the Historical figure Catherine de' Medici.
History is written by the survivors, and I am surely that.
Catherine in Left Behind

Catherine de' Medici (Italian: Caterina de' Medici), Queen Dowager of France, is one of the main characters of the series. She is the widow of Henry II and the mother of ten children: FrancisLouis, Charles, Henry III, Elisabeth, Claude, twins: Emone and Henrietta,Louis, Margaret, and Clarissa. She is also the mother-in-law of Philip II and Mary Stuart.

Earlier in the series, Catherine learned from Nostradamus that Mary will cause Francis' death and has plotted to get rid of her in order to protect her son. When both Mary and Francis found out that it was Catherine trying to ruin Mary's reputation or trying to have her killed, Mary refused to go down without a fight as Francis threatened his mother that she would lose him if he continued to go after his fiancé. Finally when Henry decided to push up the wedding date, Catherine told Mary the truth of why she had been trying to get rid of her causing Mary to leave the French Court, seeing how Nostradamus prediction of Aylee never going home came true. However, Mary was soon found by the guards and was returned to the castle. Mary refused to marry Francis and decided to have Bash legitimized, for him to become the next King of France which led to Catherine's new nest of plotting. As Catherine planned to have Bash killed, Henry found out about her past affair with former lover, Viscount Richard Delacroix, and learned she had a illegitimate child with him. Catherine was soon to be beheaded for the act. Catherine was soon reunited with her long lost daughter whom she thought was dead. Clarissa kidnapped Charles and Henry Jr. and planned to kill them due to her mother's rejection. However, Mary saved the children only by killing Clarissa. Later on, Nostradamus told Catherine of new visions of Mary and Francis' future. Seeing how Clarissa was actually Catherine's firstborn not Francis, she helped Mary see what is truly in her heart as she had to choose between Francis and Sebastian. Mary eventually chose Francis and Catherine was spared from death. She had been giving Mary advice on trying to get pregnant.

After the death of Henry, Catherine turned her attention to helping Francis keep his throne secure and dealing with the nobles. Catherine was also began to be haunted by her twin daughters, Emone and Henrietta as well as her husband, Henry. This eventually led to finding her daughters true murderer, Diane and the truth about what caused Henry's madness, he was poisoned. When Catherine found out of Mary's affair with Louis Condé, she did whatever it took to destroy her for her betrayal against Francis. She also had a sexual relationship with Narcisse which ended as he betrayed her and led to her being exiled from France and teaming up with Mary's greatest enemy, Elizabeth.

Time after teaming up with Elizabeth, Catherine was captured and brought back to France being held prisoner and branded a traitor. Eventually, she was able to reconcile with her children and promising Francis that she would become Queen Regent after his death in order to help Charles who would become the next king. Later on, she was reunited with Nostradamus and learned that the prophecy was coming back into play. She was later informed by Bash that Francis has died. Catherine comforted Mary while putting aside her own grief and the two became closer than ever. Catherine was eventually put into a heated battle against Narcisse for the Regency which she eventually won.

Catherine is a member of the House of Medici by birth and the House of Valois by marriage.

She is portrayed by Canadian actress Megan Follows.

Throughout ReignEdit

In the Pilot, Clarissa is first mentioned by Rose at the convent who says that there are ghost there. When Mary is in her chambers by herself she hears noise and walks over to a divider where she places her hand and is told by Clarissa not to drink the wine. At the end of the episode Clarissa is behind Mary when she thanks her for warning her not to drink the wine.

In Snakes in the GardenColin is shown to be alive, albeit in the process of being tortured. His torturer leaves and a strange white-clad figure frees both his hand and foot bounds before encouraging him to leave. The next day, Mary finds Charles talking to a friend lurking in a passageway. He says that her name is Clarissa and she decides when you see her, she knows secrets and sees everything, and he bribes her to stay around, despite the fact that she dislikes people. Included in that are guessing games where he learns things. Mary enters into the doorway and calls out to Clarissa, picking up a marble. That night, Mary goes into the passageway on the hunt for Clarissa. She announces that she needs help and that if the girl can hear her, to come out and find her. One of the marbles she dropped rolls, meaning that Clarissa is there. The two are to play a guessing game: if Mary guesses right, Clarissa rolls the marbles back to her; if she guesses wrong, Clarissa can keep them. As a result of the game, Clarissa reveals that she knows who is trying to hurt Mary and indicates that both the English and Queen Catherine are playing a part in the scheme. She soon flees, though, but not before breaking a marble and leaving a key. 


Clarissa under Mary's bed.

In Hearts and Minds, Clarissa is mentioned when Francis and Tomás of Pamela are dueling in archery. Catherine says that the target is modeled to look like the castle ghost. She is later seen at the end of the episode where she is hiding underneath Mary's bed.

In Left Behind, she assists Mary in helping everyone leave the castle.

In Fated, Clarissa, sneaks into Nostradamus' rooms to get some of his handmade artisan poisons. She slips it in the tea meant for Kenna, but Aylee ends up drinking it instead. Since the poison is taking too long to kill her, Clarissa finally just pushes Aylee down the castle steps. Nostradamus manages to figure this out quickly and rips the sack right off Clarissa's head for the wicked thing she did in order to convince Mary of the prophecy. The viewers were not shown her face.

In Inquisition, it is revealed that Clarissa is the illegitimate daughter of Catherine de Medici and was born with a birthmark on her face. As a baby, she was given to Nostradamus' father who tried to remove the mark but only ended up making it worse. 

In Royal Blood, Clarissa kidnaps Charles and Henry III in attempt to kill them in order to get revenge against Catherine for not loving her, as she was Catherine's daughter. She is hit with a rock in head by Mary and believed to be dead.

In The Consummation, she doesn't appear but is mentioned several times by both Nostradamus and Catherine. It is implied that she put a girl sing a song for Nostradamus to hear so that he will realize she is still alive. He later searches for her unmarked grave and finds footprints and blood traces, confirming that Clarissa is indeed alive.


She is described as being “a strange and almost feral young woman who hides in the shadows”. She is also very shy and quiet not directly communicating with anyone except for Charles. She doesn't really have any boundaries considering she just took Olivia somewhere unknown and stabbed Nostradamus in the neck without remorse. Yet she is very protective and helpful towards Mary and when she learns that Catherine is her mother she also showed protection towards her. She can also be heroic when she saved Mary and Catherine from the poison.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Her face, which she keeps hidden under a bag, is described as being severely disfigured. Clarissa has red hair and blue eyes. She has caucasian skin and on the right side of her cheek she has a scar that is close to her nose and covers a faction of her lip. They tried surgery then potions to get rid of the port-wine stain birthmark that she had.



Name Origin Edit

Clarissa is a feminine name which comes from the German name Clarice which is derived from the Latin the word Clarus, which means "bright, clear or famous." Clarissa also has a Greek origin, meaning "brilliant". Clarissa is considered an English, Italian, and Portuguese name. Clarisa is the Spanish form of the name.


  • She is known as the castle ghost.
  • We first learn her name in Snakes in the Garden.
  • She killed Aylee, one of Mary's ladies-in-waiting.
  • The only people to see Clarissa's face were Nostradamus, CatherineOlivia, Charles, and Henry III.
  • She is Catherine's daughter.
  • Her father is Richard, however, she had no on-screen interaction with him.
  • She helped Colin escape from torture.
  • Just like Bash, and Tomás, she is not based on a real person.
  • Her name "Clarissa" was a common name for the women of the Medici family.


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