Be careful, your grace. Without an heir you're worth more to them dead than alive.
Charlotte to Mary in Liege Lord

Charlotte is one of Catherine's ladies in waiting, called the Flying Squad.  

She is portrayed by Amy Groening

Season OneEdit

In Inquisition,

In Liege Lord, she spills a drink on Mary's dress on purpose, so that she can get to talk to her. Charlotte explains that Catherine told her to sleep with the King, but she refused since the king is mad. Fearing for her own safety since Catherine hardly can take a 'no' as an answer, Charlotte asks Mary to make her a safe leave from France in exchange for information.

Before leaving, Charlotte tells Mary about the secret clause in her marriage contract, in which Scotland will belong to France if Mary dies without an heir, explaining she knows this since she has slept with the bishop. Charlotte then leaves, probably, to Scotland.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Charlotte is a pretty girl with long wavy red hair.



  • Catherine talking to Charlotte

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