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This article is about the Reign character Charles you may be looking for the Historical figure Charles.

So I'm to learn about trade routes and intricate power plays that our nobles favour? Every guardian I've ever had says the same.

Charles, King of France, is the son of Catherine and Henry II. He is the younger brother of Francis, Elisabeth, Claude, Margaret, Henrietta and Emone. He is also the younger half-brother of Sebastian and Clarissa and the older brother of Henry III.

Charles played a minor role in the first season but returns in the third and fourth seasons with a major role. Charles is the new King of France. He is described as mischievous and a party-boy, he has recently returned from Spain to be taught by Francis. Francis' time was running out however, and Charles was not interested in partaking in his lessons.

Now that he has officially been crowned, Charles is now the new King of France. He became such upon the death of his elder brother King Francis, that he fought for his mother to become Regent. He recently gave up his crown and vanished from French Court and found sanctuary with a Protestant peasant family, but he soon returned to Court and informally announced that he had converted to Protestantism and wanted to separate French government from the "oppression" of the Vatican and the Catholic Church- much to Catharine and Narcisse's dismay.

Charles is a member of the House of Valois by birth.

He is portrayed by Peter DaCunha in Season One, while in Season Three and Season Four the role has been recast and was portrayed by Spencer MacPherson.

Early Life

Charles was born to King Henry and Queen Catherine of France. Growing up, he was closest to his older brother, Francis.

Throughout the Series

Season Three

Francis summons Charles back from Spain, weeks before Catherine has the idea to betroth him to Elizabeth.

On his arrival, he and Francis embrace and Francis later takes Charles to play archery. Charles expresses admiration for Francis' skills and says he'd like to meet the man who taught Francis archery and inquires as to where at court he could hold a "gathering", somewhere away from "court workings, prying eyes". Francis mentions that Charles got in trouble for being a good host in Spain, though Charles dodges the subject and notes that is not the reason as to why that engagement ended; Francis agrees, saying that Charles is a free man now and that Charles is back home and the reason that he brought him home was to educate him. He adds that Charles is next in line, the Dauphin. Rather glumly, Charles says "So I'm to learn about trade routes and intricate power plays that our nobles favour? Every guardian I've ever had says the same." After Francis says that now it is time for Charles to learn, Charles tries to convince Francis to go riding with him on "the path beyond the chapel" because he has bought a horse with him from the south, one that is a good jumper. Francis agrees that he'd like to, but has court business to attend to; Charles, offended, attempts to protest, but Francis cuts him off, telling him that he will see him at supper. Charles thanks Francis and tells him to have fun being King, then angrily walks away. (Three Queens, Two Tigers)

Season Four

After witnessing the death of his friend, Charles has become sullen, unresponsive, detached from others. He spends much time in his room. On the occasion that he does socialize he is surley and rude.

He attempts to court a young girl at court, by taking her out at night to view corpses. The court starts talking and gossiping about how King Charles may be either a necrophiliac, or a werewolf, or a vampire, due to his unusual behaviors.

Charles ends up running away from court due to not wanting to be king. Catherine and Narcisse find him at a family farm where they then bring him back with a farm girl, Nicole. While back at court, Charles announces that he is now Protestant. Renouncing his Catholic past he decides that he wants to be a Protestant king. In order to convince him to stay with his Catholic faith, Narcisse and Catherine convince Nicole to speak guiding words to Charles having him stay as Catholic.

Leeza attempts to have Charles removed from the throne by having his brother Henri show up at court saying that Charles is going to abdicate the throne. While there a rivalry begins to ensue between the two brothers. Catherine attempts to give Charles strength by casting a spell on him.


During the third season, he is described as mischievous and a party-boy.

During the 4th season, he becomes sullen, disengaged, disinterested, unruly, after experiencing the death of his friend. He displays behaviors that would be considered dangerous in a king, showing signs of mental instability.


Charles is a masculine given name from the French form Charles of a Germanic name Karl. The original Anglo-Saxon was Ċearl or Ċeorl, as the name of king Cearl of Mercia, that disappeared after the Norman conquest of England.

Physical Appearance

He has dark brown hair and soft blues eyes.



  • His full name was Charles Maximilian of France.
  • Historically Charles was never Dauphin, at his birth he was created Duke of Orleans after his brother Louis had died in infancy the year before.
    • The title Dauphin belonged to heir apparent to the throne of France. Charles, being a brother to the king, is merely an heir presumptive - which means he could be displaced from the line of succession by someone of superior birth, such as a legitimate son of Francis.
    • The proper honorific for the King's eldest brother is Monsieur.
    • Charles was the third son and fifth child of King Henry and Queen Catherine, and becomes King after his brother's death.
  • Historically, Charles married Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria and not Madeleine.
    • Though she married a Prince of France, Elisabeth spoke no French.
  • Historically, he had 3 half-siblings and 6 more siblings from his parents marriage.
    • He died when he was 23 years old.
    • The same age his older sister Elisabeth of Valois was when she died.
  • In Season One, he was often seen with his younger brother, Henry III.
  • He was second to know of Clarissa, the first being Nostradamus.
  • His coronation took place in Succession.


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