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She could have thrown herself off of any precipice in Europe. Why here?

Cecelia, Archduchess of Bohemia was the sister of Archduke Ferdinand. She made her first and only appearance in Dirty Laundry.

She is portrayed by actress Sarah Wilson.

Season One[]

In Dirty Laundry, Cecelia and her brother Ferdinand: Archduchess and Archduke of Bohemia arrived in France after an incident with French ships left them at court. While her brother got to know the Lady Kenna, Cecelia got to know King Henry II, and unfortunately while fooling around in his chambers the pair got too close to the window and the Archduchess fell to her death. Henry goes to his wife Queen Catherine of all people to beg her help with covering up her death.

Catherine agrees to help him, and the pair move Cecelia's body to her room and make it look like she committed suicide by tossing her out of the window. The King and Queen then put together a story complete with a note to make it seem that Cecelia had a lover and killed herself out of shame; but left a note to give herself some sense of dignity. The Archduke doesn't believe the story, especially the note as Cecelia never learned how to write. Catherine tells him that the lover wrote it to preserve her dignity.


Cecelia didn't speak very much during the episode, but she seemed very quiet, sophisticated and reserved.

Physical Appearance[]

Cecelia is a woman in her late twenties to early thirties. She has medium cut brown hair and dark brown eyes. She also has pale skin. Since she is a noblewoman she wore very extravagant gowns.


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