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Well guest, you're the first man my sister ever brought home.
Carrick to Sebastian in The Darkness

Carrick is a pagan hunter who lives in the Blood Wood with his sister. He made his first appearance in Dirty Laundry and last in The Darkness.

He is portrayed by actor Kristian Hodko.

Season One[]

In Dirty Laundry, He meets Bash when his sister brings him home and introduces them. When he and Bash are talking Carrick see's something in the bushes and mistakes it for a boar when in reality its Olivia. He and Rowan realise that Olivia's been fed on by the Darkness and tells her she can't stay.

In The Darkness, Watches as Bash tries to protect his family. He disagrees with Bash who says that the darkness is just a group of pagans. He and his sister try to tell Bash that his efforts are useless and someone will be taken. He and the rest of his family hides in the house as the darkness enters and takes his sister away. The next morning he and Bash discuss last nights events.


Carrick is a stubborn young man who stands up for his beliefs. He also cares for his sister deeply.

Physical Appearance[]

Carrick is a young man probably in his early twenties with light brown hair, pale skin and bright blue eyes. Like all peasants he dresses in low status clothing, usually gear that he can hunt in.




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