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Caroline was a nanny who was hired to look after Francis and Lola's Son; however, Francis dismissed her when he came and found the baby alone, and after Caroline seemed to be possessed by the spirit of his dead father Henry II. Caroline however seemed to be completely unaware of what was happening. She made her first appearance in Drawn and Quartered and recently appeared in Blood for Blood.

She was portrayed by actress Jane Spidell.

Season Two[]

In Drawn and Quartered, Francis enters the nursery of his son to find him alone, then Caroline walks in and in a frightening twist begins to sound just like the recently deceased King Henry. Through Caroline the ghost says that he remembers holding Francis when he was a baby, and when Francis asks Caroline what she's saying she turns and says "Don't you recognize your own father?" Francis is frozen with fright, and then as suddenly as it happened it was over and Caroline remembered nothing.

In Coronation, Francis seeks help as to whether or not Caroline is really possessed by the spirit of his father of if she is playing a nasty trick on him. Caroline appears once again before Francis who asks questions that not just anyone would know about Henry: (his birthplace, parents, etc.) and each question is answered correctly. Francis is becoming convinced that the nanny Caroline is inhabited by the ghost of Henry II.

In Blood for Blood, Caroline once again appears possessed by the ghost of the deceased King, after Francis finds a splinter in his room which was removed from his father's face by surgeons after the accident. While Henry possesses Caroline it is revealed that He can't rest in peace since his killer is still at large. It is also revealed that Henry remembers that his killer aimed his lance directly at his face shield, so Henry's death was no accident. Finally it is revealed that Francis is responsible for his father's death.

Physical Appearance[]

Caroline is an older woman in her fifties with blonde hair and brown eyes.



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