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"The Blood Woods" is a forest that surrounds French Court and the surrounding villages. It is where the Blood Cult pagans worship and live, their deity the Darkness also resides in those woods. The most common branch of pagans also resides in villages in the blood wood.



Season One[]

In Pilot, Nostradamus has a vision about the blood wood with blood falling from a tree onto his face. When Mary's dog Stirling runs off into the woods. Bash stops Mary from going after him, and tells her never to go in those woods.

In Snakes in the Garden, Colin ran out into the woods to avoid being captured for the attempted rape of Mary. He is found by a pagan guard who killed him and strung him up to a tree as a sacrifice. Later Bash and Francis try to cut him down. When they are in the process of doing so however the blood cult pagans begin approach them, Bash starts to chant a pagan prayer to make them leave.

In A Chill in the Air, While Olivia's carriage was passing trough the king's road, a young pagan man redirected them towards the blood wood claiming that the king's road had been flooded. When they went the other way a group of the blood cult pagans attacked the carriage killing everyone apart from Olivia who managed to escape

In Chosen, Since Bash has been ordered by the pagans to replace their lost sacrifice, Bash pays the jailers to release a thief into his care. He takes the thief out into the blood wood and ties his up to a tree. When the blood priest shows up Bash kills him instead of the thief. When Bash and the thief are returning to court the thief lets Bash know that he knows he's the kings bastard. Bash asks him if he knows who his mother is, when the thief says Diane. Bash throws him off his horse and down a cliff so no one finds out his pagan ties.

In Left Behind, Count Vincent's men hid out in the woods waiting for Henry to leave court so that they may take the people of the court hostage.

In Fated, Bash and Mary ride on horseback away from court in the direction of the blood wood.

In For King and Country, Mary and Bash still on the run in the woods, find a small inn in the surrounding villages and hide their for the night. They are eventually found by guards and brought back to court.

In Sacrifice, Mary, Bash, Alec and Isobel head out into the blood wood to avoid the queen's guard. When Isobel entered into labour they decided to set up camp for the night. When Mary tears down pagan symbols around the tent that Bash put up without her knowing to keep them safe. The blood cult began to swarm around the tent intending on killing them but when Alec, Bash and Isobel began to chant pagan prayers the blood cult slaughtered a horse instead. Mary then realises there pagan ties and becomes upset, but Bash reassures her. Isobel later gives birth to a daughter, being not strong enough she died not long after. Later Bash and Mary bury her on the outskirts of the woods.

In Royal Blood, On their way to the Frost Fair Mary, Charles and Henry III ride in a carriage trough the blood wood. Bash later set up his own frost fair in the outskirts of the woods so that he could arrange their kidnapping. Clarissa unknowingly takes the boys out into the woods. After Mary, Bash and Catherine find her they try to convince her to give the boys back. When she threatens them Mary hits her in the head with a rock and she passes out. Presumed to be dead the two guards with them ordered to bury the body by Catherine simply throw it on the ground with a cross and leave.

In Dirty Laundry, Lola goes to get an abortion in a cabin in the woods and Mary goes to stop her. When Bash is hiding in he meets Rowan when he almost destroys her boar trap she takes him into her home. When there Bash finds Olivia running out of the woods in a panic because of the The Darkness and Bash takes her back to court.

In The Darkness, Rowan's house is marked for sacrifice, Bash says the darkness is not a beast but a man and that they can stop him. He prepares the house to fight the darkness but Rowan gives him a tea that makes him go to sleep. When he wakes up the darkness breaks into the house and takes Rowan away when she looks at it.

In Monsters, Bash and Francis go to the woods to hunt down the darkness. When they were following the tracks of the darkness Francis finds a hand in the middle of the ice covered lake. When he goes to pick it up he falls into the ice and Bash saves him.

By the end of the season Bash frequently visits the blood wood on his quest to defeat the Darkness. This quest eventually takes him to Visaguard in the blood wood.