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Bartos was the real Lord Julien's uncle who was sent to French Court to check on him. He made his first and only appearance in Long Live The King.

He was portrayed by Geordie Johnson.

Season One[]

In Long Live The King, he comes to pay a visit to his nephew Lord Julien but instead finds his secretary Remy. Telling him that he was sent by the family to find his nephew after he had been gallivanting around Europe for a year and been out of touch. Hearing a rumour that he had been married at French Court Bartos came to find him.

Remy and Lola tell Bartos a fabricated story as to why his nephew isn't home. He believes them at first and tells Lola the family will take care of her and her child. Before he leaves the house he notices Remy wearing his nephews ring and questions it. He then asks a servant where Lord Julien is and the servant points towards Remy. He and Remy begin to fight, Lola breaks it off and pushed Bartos into a spike which impales him in the neck.


Bartos was a sympathetic man since he offered to take care of Lola and the child and felt ashamed that his "nephew" would leave them. Showing that he also cared about appearances in which most people did.

Physical Appearance[]

Bartos was a man in his late forties to early fifties. He had light brown hair that was beginning to turn grey at the edges. He had grey eyes and pale skin. He dressed in very detailed and high class clothing in which noblemen usually wear.


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