Banished is the twelfth episode of Season Two and 34th episode of Reign overall.

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MURDER, MAYHEM AND SOME SHOCKING REVELATIONS — Mary finds out the truth from Greer about rumors going around Court, forcing Mary to do something she never thought possible. Francis finds himself in a growing rivalry with Condé for Mary. Bash’s mother Diane returns, igniting a long overdue confrontation with Catherine, while Claude is determined to find out the truth about who really killed the twins. Narcisse, Kenna, Leith and Lola also appear.




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  • The Ice Festival takes place.
  • Sebastian's mother, Diane de Poitiers returns.
    • She had not been seen since Fated.
  • Catherine and Diane face off in a long overdue confrontation.
  • The truth about who really killed Catherine's twins, Henrietta and Emone, was finally looked into.
    • It is revealed that Diane was responsible for the death of the twins.
    • Diane is later murdered by Catherine because of this.
  • The last appearance of Henry.

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