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This article is about the Reign character Antoine you may be looking for the Historical figure Antoine of Navarre.

Never forget whose side you're on. Whose your blood and who is not. It's not something they'll forget either.
Antoine to Louis in Sins of the Past

Antoine de Bourbon, King of Navarre, Duke of Vendome (English: Anthony), is the older brother of Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Condé. His lust for power — specifically power over France — might just outweigh his brother's loyalty to Francis.[1]

He is Head of the House of Bourbon, a cadet branch of the French royal family. Under the Salic law, he is the first in the French line of succession after the ruling House of Valois, which is currently King Charles and his younger brother.

He is portrayed by English actor, Ben Aldridge.

Early Life[]

He was born at La Fère, Picardy, France, the second son of Charles de Bourbon, Duke of Vendôme and his wife, Françoise d'Alençon. He was the older brother of Louis, Prince of Condé and the younger brother of Marcus.

During the Italian Wars, Antoine and Marcus accompanied Henry to Italy. Marcus was killed at the Villa Cortello by Sebastian on Henry's orders. This was because the Bourbons formed a dangerous threat to the Valois claim to the throne.

Throughout Reign[]

Season Two[]

Louis Condé mentioned his brother was the King of Navarre and had recently become a Protestant, possibly another reason for their nephew's death, Emile Condé at the hands of Catholic thugs.

Louis Condé once again mentioned his brother while talking with Sebastian and King Francis.

Louis Condé mentioned he was on his way to visit his brother, but turned back after hearing news of the attack.

Antoine de Bourbon was in his little brothers room, awaiting his return. When he did, they greeted each other distantly. Louis asked if he had been behind the attacks earlier, and Antoine assured him he was not. He then requested to know why his letters had become fewer in more in-between. Asking him if he was in love with the Queen.

Antoine makes his first appearance in Mercy.

In Getaway, he is throwing a party and asks Louis Condé to seduce Mary. Then starts naming people to make love to each other whether they are married or not.

In Sins of the Past, he asks Mary and Francis for money to help French Protestant refuges. Antoine thinks that Bash killed his brother Marcus in the Italian Wars. He also flirts with Kenna to confirm whether or not Bash killed Marcus. It is found out that Elizabeth I has offered the money to support Navarre. He gets his money and then around Bash pretends to be drunk so he can get answers.


In addition to being charming and sexy, he’s also described as a bad influence.

Physical Appearance[]

King Antoine is tall and handsome, with brown hair and brown eyes. He also has a light beard and mustache which he keeps neatly trimmed. He wears expensive clothes and a crown which befit his status as King of Navarre.


He is married to Queen Jeanne. She is dying of a tumor and doesn't wish to see him. Now, he has taken a liking to Kenna and has asked her to marry him. He has told her he'll give her a life full of freedom.



Season Two[]

Season Three[]


  • He is married to Jeanne III, Queen Regnant of Navarre.
    • He is King of Navarre through marriage, not by birth right.
  • Jeanne was very much in love with him, but he was not loyal to her.
  • He died in 1562 at age 44.
  • He had 5 children with his wife and one illegitimate son, Charles, with mistress Louise de La Béraudière de l'Isle Rouhet.
  • His son Henry IV, King of France, was the first king of the House of Bourbon.