Agnes is Jean's mother and the woman who took Isobel Derant's daughter to her home to take care of her before she was supposed to bring her to a convent. She made her first appearance in Inquisition.

She is portrayed by Sarah Dodd.

Season OneEdit

In Inquisition, she meets Mary Stuart and Jean to pick up the baby so she can take her to her home for a few days and then take her on to a convent to live. Later when she is in her home Mary and Bash arrive asking about the baby and if anyone had been asking questions about her. When Agnes responds no they hear the horses of the Medici's guards approaching. So she helps hide Mary and Bash and distracts the men as they search the house. When they leave, she tells Mary and Bash that Catherine had had an affair which resulted in her giving birth to an illegitimate daughter. She returns to court with Mary and Bash and tells Henry about Catherine's affair and about the child.

In Higher Ground, she examines Lola after she felt ill to make sure that her baby was alright. She tells her that a little blood is fine as long as it stops and tells her to rest.


She is a very friendly and caring person seeing as she was willing to risk her life to take the baby to the convent. She also seems to value honesty as she told the others about Catherine's secret affair.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Agnes has brown hair and brown eyes.



  • Bash and Mary talking to Agnes

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