Éduard Narcisse (English: Edward) was a very rich and powerful Noble who controlled the grain that entered French Court. He was the son of Stéphane Narcisse and the brother of Luc Narcisse.

He was a member of the House of Narcisse.

He was portrayed by actor Kjartan Hewitt.

Season TwoEdit

In The Plague, Éduard attends Mary's speech concerning the Plague. He interrupts her to ask what would happen if someone at court was already infected. Later that day he goes to the throne room to speak with Mary and Catherine. He blatantly demands that Mary have his foe, Pierre Valent, thrown in with the people infected of Plague to have him killed. He says if they do not abide he will have the grain stop coming to the castle and people will starve. He continuously presses this issue multiple times until he kills the Valents himself with poison. Mary has him arrested for murder after seeing that he was bluffing and never planned to stop the arrival of grain. She had him thrown in the catacombs were the sickly were staying so that he would die of Plague.

In Drawn and Quartered, his body was found by his father and sent away for proper burial.


Éduard is a blatantly rude and inconsiderate man. He only cares about what he needs and will go to any lengths to achieve his goals. He is a very manipulative person whom has no problem blackmailing people. He's very cold, he wanted to have a rival killed simply to no longer have competition.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Éduard Narcisse had dark blonde hair and a scruffy beard that matched. He had a light complexion and dark brown eyes. He dressed in very extravagant clothing, because of his status of a Noble.




  • He is the second person Mary has killed, her first being Vincent.

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